Facebook Page Reveals Disgusting Condition Of Dorms At George Washington University

At George Washington University, residents describe ceilings that cave in, air filters covered in dust, a maintenance staff that won’t pay them any attention — and they’re paying thousands of dollars to live there.

A new Facebook page called “GW Housing Horrors” is trying to expose what they describe as the “blatant negligence and irresponsible housing practices” of George Washington University dormitories. Since launching a few weeks ago, the page has gotten hundreds of “likes,” as well as some responses from GW officials.

“GW Housing Horrors” was created by a group of summer interns living in university housing, “who each experienced horrible housing conditions while living at GW.” The creators go on to write, “Sick and tired of being repeatedly told by housing staff that we were the only ones with problems or complaints, we decided to create this page so that others can share their experiences.”

According to ABC News, students paid between $US3,000 and $US4,000 to stay in GW dorms for the summer.

Both summer residents and full-time GW students have taken to the page to share their dorm horror stories:

The university has also posted on “GW Housing Horrors,” telling students that they are looking into their dorm maintenance practices:

Below are screenshots of the Facebook page, showing some of housing pictures GW dorm residents have shared:

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