Here's what $5 million buys in housing markets around the world

$US5 million is a hefty sum of money to buy a home in any place. But in some locations, that amount of money doesn’t go as far as one might think.

In its latest Luxury Defined report, Christie’s International Real Estate broke down the size and type of residence $US5 million would buy in the world’s most expensive housing markets.

In London, which has the world’s highest-priced residential property per-square-foot, $US5 million gets you a lovely two-bedroom flat in a central neighbourhood. In Lisbon, Portugal — another trendy destination for the wealthy, but one with much lower overall property prices — that same amount affords a “magnificent villa” in a prime location, according to the report.

The map at the bottom shows how many square feet $US5 million buys in cities around the world.

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