HOUSE OF THE DAY: The Most Expensive Celebrity Homes You Can Buy Right Now


Want to own Penelope Cruz’s swimming pool?

Her home is for sale on, along with 10 other ludicrously expensive celebrity homes.

Whitney Houston's modernist mansion in scenic New Jersey -- $1.975 million

Sacha Baron Cohen's 52-acre LA estate -- $2.9 million

Vampire-author Anne Rice's 9,000 square-ft California ranch -- $3.45 million

Penelope Cruz's one floor three bedroom LA home -- $3.45 million

Kate Walsh's 1928 Spanish-style manor -- $4.295 million

Jesse James' LA beach front Mediterranean villa, with rock slide -- $4.995 million

Sheryl Crow's 10,000 square-ft solar farm in Tennessee -- $7.5 million

Diane Keaton's 21,000 square-ft colonial revival mansion in Beverly Hills, with paths lined with olive trees -- $11 million

Mel Gibson's 12,000 square-ft Malibu retreat, with lighted tennis court and 3 guest houses -- $14.5 million

Christie Brinkley's 1843 water-front mansion in Sag Harbour, NY -- $16 million

Dr. Phil's Beverly Hills Mediterranean Villa, with theatre, gym, and billiard room -- $17 million

Why would a celebrity sell his home? Ask Nic Cage...

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