Here’s Where You’ll Find The Most Foreign-Born Homeowners In America [MAP]

1 in 7 households in the U.S. is headed by someone that was not a U.S. citizen at birth, according to latest report from the U.S. Census Bureau. This includes homes that are both owned or rented.

Of the over 74 million homes that are owned, 88.8 per cent or 66 million are owned by someone born in the U.S.. Meanwhile, 8.3 million or 11.2 per cent are owned by someone born abroad. Among these naturalized citizens owned 7.8 per cent of homes, while non-citizens owned 3.4 per cent.

Only 10 metros account for over 50 per cent of the country’s foreign-born households. Among these, New York and Los Angeles had over 1 million foreign-born households. On a state level, the largest number with foreign born households were California at 4 million, New York at 1.8 million, and Texas at 1.7 million, and Florida at 1.5 million.

foreign born household maps

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This chart shows the distribution of housing tenure (whether homes are rented or owned) by country of birth, and the per cent of these that are owned free or clear of mortgages and loans.

housing tenure chart

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