HOUSE OF THE DAY: This Old British Church, On Sale For $14.75 Million, Is Actually A Modern Mansion

all saints house church

Photo: Knight Frank

An old church in Richmond, UK that was converted into a 14,000-square-foot mansion called the All Saints House is on sale for $14.75 million.On the outside, the home boasts red brick and terracotta, and a 118-foot tower.

The house, located on Bute Avenue near the Richmond Gold club, has seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms.

The home features a library, study, indoor pool, Jacuzzi, steam room, and numerous store rooms.

(via Curbed)

Renowned designer J Kelly was commissioned to build the home. It took 10 years to build and was completed in 1909.

The church has had a few uses in its time. During WWII it was a strategic radar and Anti-Aircraft command post.

Parts of the house look like a modern day mansion. The stainless steel kitchen is completely renovated.

The family room has dramatically high ceilings.

The home mixes modern and Gothic touches pretty well.

We love how the family room is lofted.

The Great Hall could fit 100 people if furnished correctly.

The church's original architecture all remains in place.

The religious statues are there, too.

The hall has stained glass typical of a church.

The bedroom looks like a tropical paradise, but really it's in the tower.

The master bathroom is the most modern room in the house.

The United Kingdom doesn't have the nicest of weather, so the indoor pool we're sure comes in handy.

There's even a true tree house for the kids to play with.

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