HOUSE OF THE DAY: Lindsay Lohan Moves In Next Door To Her Ex-Girlfriend

Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson

Lindsay Lohan went straight from the Betty Ford Clinic to a Venice Beach pad. It doesn’t sound so bad except, her ex-girlfriend, Sam Ronson, lives right next door (via Zillow estimates Lohan will pay $7,600 a month.

This doesn’t seem like the best idea for the struggling actress. Lohan and Ronson had a complicated on and off relationship for a few years, talk about feuding neighbours.

Ronson's is next door, identical on the outside

Lohan can spend nice evenings in front of the fire drinking hot chocolate

The decor is pretty swanky

Maybe she can take up cooking as a healthy habit in this great kitchen

She could even host a dinner party... sans wine

Another fireplace in the bedroom for those cold California nights

The master bathroom, perfect for a tranquil bubble bath

The living room, a great setting for a book club party

A view from the balcony

The guest bathroom is just as big

Huge shower

While the house is mostly white, the bathrooms have splashes of colour

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