HOUSE OF THE DAY: Jason Statham has listed the Hollywood home he bought off Ben Stiller

Picture: Rodeo Realty

Just $US1 shy of $US9,000,000 gets you this six-bedroom “vast and beautiful Mediterranean that recalls 1920s Hollywood glamour”.

Or, if you prefer, “Jason Statham’s house”.

For once, it’s fair to say this pad has seen plenty of action. The Hollywood action hero bought it nearly four years ago for $US7.35 million from Ben Stiller.

That means he eased himself with a groan into the tub here after long days on the set of two Expendables movies, two Fast & Furious movies, two Mechanic movies, Killer Elite, Safe and Spy.

Here’s that tub:

Picture: Rodeo Realty

The Stathe has upgraded his digs, buying a $US13 million home in the Flats of Beverly Hills to share with Mad Max: Fury Road star and model girlfriend Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

The house he’s selling to pay for it was once owned by Stiller, who, together with his wife Christine Taylor, had it made over by celebrated Manhattan interior designers Roman and Williams.

According to Variety, Statham has listed the home with all the same shots used by vendors when he originally bought it, so he must have liked Stillers’ taste.

All up, it’s around 495 square metres of 1929 “authentic Spanish”. Disappointingly, it only has a two-car garage for a man who knows cars so well.

But the kitchen looks like it has plenty of knife space:

Picture: Rodeo Realty

Here’s a few more pics from the listing, which is being handled by Rodeo Realty:

Picture: Rodeo Realty

There’s also 2200 square metres of lush, landscaped gardens to wander:

Relax, chums. Picture: Rodeo Realty
Picture: Rodeo Realty

Start working your way through the Statham action collection:

Picture: Rodeo Realty

Reading room:

Picture: Rodeo Realty

Killing bad guys is a dirty, tiring business. Jump in and forget about life or a while:

Picture: Rodeo Realty
Picture: Rodeo Realty

Really, he should be standing out the gate selling it himself:

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