HOUSE OF THE DAY: An Entire Private Island Retreat Just 2 Hours From Melbourne

Ooh, lovely.

If you still haven’t got your loved one a gift this Christmas – and you have a spare $5 million handy – why not gift them their own private island?

Situated in Victoria’s Westernport Bay, just a 20-minute boat ride from Phillip Island or a 10-minute boat ride to Corinella and a two-hour drive from Melbourne, is Elizabeth Island – and it’s on the market.

On 65 acres, the private nature retreat features a helipad and a wharf. Its two cottages (three and two bedrooms) are both powered by the sun and wind.

Owner Anne Tillig, who bought the property with her late husband Ivan Vit in 1996, says she’d like to see someone who treasures nature and wildlife.

“People who enjoy what I have enjoyed there,” she told Business Insider.

“We’ve had a lot of fun there… [but] I’m getting to a retirement age where I might want to travel. We’ve had a long, happy use there.”

While it’s not officially on the market yet (it’s due to hit the classifieds in mid-January), there are reports that it will cost between $5 million and $10 million.

That seems pretty reasonable – certainly at the lower end – considering what you are getting. And you don’t have to pay council rates.

But as Tillig says: “It’s very hard to put a figure on something that’s so unique.”

While it has phone and internet capabilities, Tillig says the island “is the perfect retreat for someone who want to get away from it all”.

Here it is.

This is Elizabeth Island.

One of the two cottages on the island.

It has amazing views from almost every window.

The main bedroom.

Its quaint set-up is all you need.

Does it get much more relaxing than this?

Just look at that view.

And that view...

Everywhere you look is picturesque.

This is the other cottage.

Exploring the island is beautiful.

With endless walks, fishing and swimming, it would be the perfect summer getaway.

And don't forget the kayaking.

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