HOUSE OF THE DAY: A French Castle With 50 Rooms Is On The Market For $US17.1 Million

Château de Villersexel, a French castle that was once the home of the noble Grammont family, is on the market at a $US17.1 million asking price, The Wall Street Journal reports.

According to the owner, Baron Jean-Pierre Potet, the castle was destroyed twice: once in the year 1000 and again in 1871, during a battle of the Franco-Prussian War. When the Marquis de Grammont left the estate to fight in World War II, French civilians looted the castle, taking nearly all of its furnishings.

Using old photos as an aid, Potet was able to recover most of the original decor from nearby antique stores. The 38,000-square-foot chateau has an astounding 30 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms and is being sold with all of its historic furnishings intact. The 74-acre property also includes horse stables and a working farm.

The property is being sold by Xavier Attal of Immo Best International.

The Château de Villersexel lies on 74 acres of property in northeast France, near the border with Switzerland.

The centuries-old castle is designed in the Louis XIII style.

Steps lead up to an imposing front door.

There are intricate details all over the chateau, including this stone fish on the staircase.

Stained-glass windows are a sign of the home's noble French past.

Here are more stained glass windows in this enormous sitting room.

This is just one of the castle's 30 bedrooms.

The ceiling in this room has some amazing detailing.

The walls tell stories of its former residents.

This formal dining room could accommodate many guests.

The Château de Villersexel is seen from across this small lake.

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