A Quiet Scandal In 'House Of Cards' Could Become A Huge Issue [SPOILERS]

Warning: There are some spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched season 2 of “House of Cards.”

We need to discuss something huge that happened on the second season of “House of Cards.”

I’m not talking about the giant spoiler from episode 1.

Near the end of season 2 — in Episode 11 — Vice President Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) engages in a threesome with his wife Claire (Robin Wright) and their Secret Service agent, Edward Meechum (Nathan Darrow).

The scene kind of comes out of nowhere. And as quickly as the subject is broached, it gets swept under the rug as if it never occurred.

I bring it up because it isn’t the first time the subject of Frank’s sexuality has come up on the series.

During season 1, Episode 8, it was suggested Frank had a relationship of some sort with a former male college classmate, Tim Corbet, at a military college. While Corbet obviously tries to keep the conversation platonic, an intoxicated Underwood tells his old classmate, “I was so drawn to you. … You meant something to me.”

It’s probably one of the few genuine, tender moments we ever see between Underwood and another character.

The Guardian perceived it as a one-off that we wouldn’t see again. Slate suggested it was something that could be used against him in the future.

We couldn’t agree more with the latter.

The question of Frank’s sexuality feels like so much more than a tangential plot device. The only reason I can imagine it’s being brought up again is that it must have a greater significance in the grand scheme of “House of Cards.”

The series is already very open about sexuality. Between its same-sex (Rachel and new character Lisa) and interracial relationships (Jackie and Remy), the show isn’t lacking in sexual diversity.

However, Frank’s sexuality feels like something bigger.

As a viewer, you’re compelled to believe Underwood’s undoing will be his two murders. While he’s quite meticulous covering them up, he’s only casually discreet about frivolous relationships. Texts with Zoe Barnes carelessly floated around even after Underwood became Vice President. Now, this thing with Meechum could easily turn sour in the long run.

Those who have finished the series know that by the season’s end Underwood takes over as president of the United States.

Does “House of Cards” want to broach the topic of a gay (or bisexual) commander in chief? Is this where we’re going heading into season 3? It seems so.

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