The 'House of Cards' star who plays Meechum remembers the show's most notorious sex scene

House of cards moments thumb finalNetflix‘House of Cards.’

Frank Underwood’s personal bodyguard Edward Meechum has been a fan favourite on “House of Cards” since the start of the Netflix series.

Meechum’s loyalty to Frank and Claire has been unshakable, and the president’s and First Lady’s affection for their Secret Service agent is especially strong in the new fourth season of the show, especially given his involvement in the biggest twist of the new episodes.

But when Business Insider asked the actor who plays Meechum, Nathan Darrow, which scene most fans want to talk to him about, he had the answer before we even finished the question.

“Oh, the threesome scene, of course,” Darrow told BI.

The shocking scene came in season two, when Claire, Frank, and Meechum, after some drinks, engage in a sexual encounter.

“House of Cards” has made a habit of unleashing surprising, even fantastical, moments with little warning, and this one made Meechum an instant fixture in the mythology of the show.

What Darrow loves about the moment is the reaction he’s gotten from fans.

“People have said to me that moment is when Frank and Claire really came alive for them,” he said. “I think it remains interesting to people because it leaves audiences to imagine what they aren’t seeing between Frank, Claire, and Meechum.”

So are we supposed to assume the three characters continued to be intimate?

“No, it just happened that once,” he said.

That burning “House of Cards” question is settled, then.

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