The House GOP's New Sequestration Fix Beefs Up The Military And Crushes Education And The State Department [CHART]

A new report from the left-leaning centre on Budget and Policy Priorities details how deeply the Republican-controlled House Appropriations Committee wants to slash funding for parts of the government. 

The Republican plan keeps the total amount of cuts that were set out the Budget Control Act. But instead of applying half the cuts to the military, it goes easy there and on Homeland Security — and it deeply cuts spending on education, the environment and the State Department to make up for it.

Here’s a chart from the CBPP that shows what the plan would do compared to the effects already felt under sequestration:

budget cuts plan

Key takeaways from the data:

  • The military, the VA and the Department of Homeland Security are by far the biggest winners in the plan. The defence Department gets an extra $26 billion.
  • Congress wins, too, with a 1.5% increase in funding for operations like staff salaries and maintenance. 
  • The State Department gets a whopping 14.4% cut. This is peculiar in light of  GOP commentary on the Benghazi attack.
  • The 21.6% cut to financial services and government funding as well as the 18.6% cut to labour, Health and Human Services and Education is largely in line with House GOP goals. 

Even if it doesn’t make it into policy, the plan is an interesting look into the game plan of the House GOP. 

Click to see the full analysis at CBPP >

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