The 11 Coolest Startups In San Diego Right Now

The startup scene in San Diego is picking up steam.

Just this month, San Diego-based startup 3D Robotics raised a massive $US30 million Series B round to improve its drones and focus more on the agricultural industry.

Other than unmanned vehicles, entrepreneurs in San Diego also have their eyes set on things like pharmaceuticals, fashion, education and more.

In celebration of San Diego Entrepreneur Day (September 27-28), we found the 11 coolest startups in San Diego right now.

TrustEgg helps parents create trust funds for their children.

Jeff Brice

Y-Combinator backed TrustEgg launched earlier this year to help parents create trust funds for their children.

TrustEgg is targeting less affluent customers. There's no cost to sign up, but the service costs per year is 89 basis points for the assets under risk management.

TrustEgg provides the child with detailed notes about each and every contribution made by friends and family.

Storybricks is trying to change the face of online gaming.

EverQuest Next

When Storybricks presented on stage at the LAUNCH Festival last year, it received positive acclaim from the judges.

Mailchimp's Aarron Walter said, 'high school kids would just shit their pants for this. If your target market was just high school...instead of playing games, kids would rather just make their own.'

Earlier this year, it teamed up with Sony Online Entertainment to work on EverQuest Next. It's the biggest sandbox ever designed, and has been hailed as the most innovative massive multiplayer online role-playing game ever.

Brightscope wants to help you research your retirement plan.

Brightscope helps you find financial advisors and research the quality of your 401k or 403b retirement plan.

It rates and evaluates 401k and 403b plans on hundreds of factors like fees, participation rates, investment options, and the level of employer and employee contributions.

BrightScope also releases city-specific lists of the top companies to work for based on 401k plans.

3D Robotics is creating unmanned aerial vehicles for the masses.

3D Robotics, founded by former Wired editor in chief Chris Anderson, is leading the way in the industrial and consumer drone movement. It's also hoping to market its drones to the agricultural industry.

3D Robotics sells tens of thousands of drones every year. The company is bringing in Just this month, 3D Robotics raised a $US30 million Series B round co-led by Foundry Group and True Ventures.

Roambi wants to change the way you interact with, share, and present data on mobile devices.

Roambi's iPad app visualizes sales data and arranges it in interactive graphs. The idea is to make it easier for sales teams to understand their data.

Roambi makes it simpler to examine data from multiple sources. Roambi also has a publishing platform to help users create magazine-like content.

Founded in 2008, Roambi has raised $US44 million from investors.

TakeLessons connects students with music teachers, tutors, and performing art instructors.

Founded in 2006, TakeLessons helps people find their inner creativity.

Earlier this year, TakeLessons raised $US4 million from Pinterest executive Tim Kendall,

It's raised $US10.4 million to date from a slew of investors including Steven Cox, Crosslink Capital, SoftTech VC, Josh Berman, and Crosslink Capital.

Founded back in 2006 by Steven Cox, TakeLessons has evolved from solely offering music lessons to also offering academic tutoring and performance arts training.

TapHunter helps beer lovers find great breweries and helps businesses enhance their beer programs.

TapHunter serves as a guide to the best craft and micro beers throughout the country. The app aims to connect craft beer fanatics with the beers they love, those who brew them, and where you can find them.

TapHunter also helps retailers better manage their beverage menu and inventory.
Whole Foods Market recently chose TapHunter to assist them with some of their in-store bars in the Southwest. TapHunter started in San Diego, but has since expanded to Chicago, Austin, and Seattle.

Pharmly aims to battle drug shortages with its pharmaceutical marketplace.

Pharmly employs a 'reverse bidding' platform where health care facilities and providers can request bids from vendors for pharmaceuticals.

Medical facilities can source drugs from the $US300 billion pharmaceutical wholesale marketplace when their primary supplier can't meet demand due to drug shortages.

Just last month, Pharmly walked away with the first place prize at the TechCrunch Meetup + Pitch-Off in San Diego.

StayClassy helps organisations create and manage fundraising campaigns.

StayClassy aims to make online fundraising easier for non-profit organisations.

Clients who use StayClassy include the Make a Wish foundation, the YMCA, City of Hope, National Breast Cancer Foundation, and others.

Last year, organisations using StayClassy grew their fundraising an average of 309% year-over-year.

Back in 2011, Bloomberg Businessweek as one of the top 5 most promising social entrepreneurs in the country.

Fashioning Change is an eco-friendly online clothing marketplace.

Fashioning Change serves as an online marketplace for hip and stylish clothes and accessories.

Its recommendation engine helps introduce you to eco-friendly, greener alternatives of your favourite brands.

Fashioning Change beta launched back in 2011. Since then, the site has grown to offer more than 18,000 shopping options for the eco- and health-conscious consumer.

Now, let's take a look at the action on the east coast.

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