The 10 Hottest Professors In America

David Daniel Hottest ProfessorCourtesy of David DanielProfessor David Daniel was named the hottest professor in America.

For the second year in a row, James Madison University professor David Daniel has been named
the hottest professor in America, according to Rate My Professors.

Daniel teaches psychology at JMU and his students rave about him.

“TAKE THIS CLASS. He is an excellent professor (and super good looking!),” one of Daniel’s students wrote on RMP.

In order to compile this list, RMP looked at reviews from millions of college students around the U.S. In addition to rating the professors by overall quality, students can note whether they think a professor is hot by giving them a red chilli pepper.

The 10 hottest professors cover a range of subjects — from the humanities to mathematics to business, and everything in between. One thing they all have in common is that their students love them, and not just for their looks.

#10 Marsha Lindsay

Lone Star College -- Houston, Texas


What students say:

'I recommend her to all my friends, BEST TEACHER EVER! I had her in the summer and she made a 7PM class feel fun. I actually liked going to the class.'

'I really liked the class. I was thinking it would be one of the typical classes, that a three hour class would feel like an eternity. But the time went by really fast. She is very engaging and encourages class participation. She has great stories and is really cool.'

#9 Daniel Norton

Seattle Central Community College -- Seattle, Washington


What students say:

'The teacher is so helpful and engaging, he's aware of everyone in the class and makes every students participate. He makes students learn from each other which is an excellent way of learning, he's the best.'

'Great teacher! I was extremely nervous to public speak but makes you feel so comfortable. Gets every student involved and brings humour into the classroom. I really enjoyed this class.'

#8 Amir Sabzevary

Laney College -- Oakland, California


What students say:

'This is by far the most Beautiful and Captivating professor i have ever had the pleasure of taking class with. HIs class was a Absolutely stunning and amazing. His self-deprecating humour and wit is wonderful.He is my Socrates and I love him and his ideas.'

''Let's talk about something fun today,' he says at the beginning of every class. He has no lesson plan, but the class is so freaking fun and intense. He is very knowledgeable. Don't challenge him unless you have done your study. Oh and he is sooooooo good looooking.'

#7 Adrienne Alaie

Hunter College -- New York, New York


What students say:

'Best prof at Hunter. Fascinating lectures, great sense of humour, very helpful and kind. Treats students like adults and really knows how to teach. You will learn a ton, but you have to work hard. Don't fool yourself that you can skim the text and know what you are talking about. You need to be able to explain the concepts.'

'Attendance is not officially mandatory, but if you want to pass the class it is. She's extremely passionate about what the subject. The material is dense and takes a really long time to digest - but she is always ready to help with questions via email or office hours. This class isn't easy but she is a great teacher. I got a lot out of this class.'

#6 Corey Manchester

San Diego State University -- San Diego, California

Mathematics & Statistics

What students say:

'Easily the greatest academic instruction that I have ever received in my entire schooling career. The dude is a legend. Every lecture, I found myself sitting in awe of his flawless teaching skills. If you can't learn from him, there is no hope for you.'

'Amazing teacher!!! He knows the material well and is great at teaching it. He makes it easy to understand. I wish I could take this class over again. He is great eye candy as well.'

#5 Barbara Kalvelage

University of Southern Indiana --
Evansville, Indiana


What students say:

'I have always struggled in science and Mrs. K asked for students to let her know if they felt uncomfortable. I let her know and immediately she was giving me extra help and making sure I succeeded. The woman is a saint and a blessing.'

'She is the best teacher that I have had to this date, high school included. Her teaching style is very visual, so if you are a visual learner like myself, it's super helpful. Her class is fairly easy if you do what you're supposed to do. Test questions come directly from the study guides that she provides. Oh, and she also raps... it's adorable!'

#4 Thomas/Randy Beard

Auburn University -- Auburn, Alabama


What students say:

'Love the class. He makes monopolies, cartels, and oligopolies the most interesting subject on the planet. The margin revenue formula will never be the same again.'

'Beard's class is a religious experience. I thought I would get used to it, but walking into his class every day, I'm mesmerized by his impeccably chiseled jawline. The man truly exudes brilliance. And drop dead sexiness. There are no words capable of articulating his splendor. In short, take this man's class. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOR THE BETTER'

#3 Ruth Dellinger

Florida State College at Jacksonville --
Jacksonville, Florida


What students say:

'Love, love professor Dellinger! She was awesome, answered questions within a timely manner and helped those were struggling. Only two proctored tests and one final, easy for my busy schedule.'

'Professer Dellinger is AMAZING. I had her class a few years back, but she is still willing to help me through any subject. She will do whatever she can to help her students understand the material. I had a hard time in maths for a long time, but she taught it to where I understood. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to take any maths class with this professor :)'

#2 Paul Evans

Brigham Young University -- Provo, Utah


What students say:

'AMAZING Professor. I saved this class until the last possible semester because I had heard such awful horror stories. Not the case. If you want an A you can easily have it. He gave us an exam to study off of and then repeated the questions on the actual exam. Boosted my MCAT Bio score 4 points! I learned so much and it was easy! TAKE THIS COURSE!'

'He is a shoot-from-the-hip kind of professor, but I think it kept the lectures exciting. I learned more from the lectures than from reading. There was more student/professor interaction during his lectures than in any other Class I've taken at BYU.'

#1 David Daniel

James Madison University -- Harrisonburg, Virginia


What students say:

'Hands down the best professor I've ever had (and I don't just mean in college). The quizzes were annoying at first, but they help so much with long term comprehension and memory it's ridiculous. It's obvious he knows his subject and that he's applied it to the class to hold student's attention and for maximum retention. PLUS, he's really hot. ;)'

'Best professor I've had at JMU. Take him!! He makes the course so much fun, he is insanely hilarious, wears funny t-shirts to match the subject matter of that class. Shows a million youtube videos. Made me excited to go to his class! and sad when it was over. And the tests are a little harder than you would be expecting for a psych101 course.'

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