These Are The Hottest Maths Professors In America

Mathematicians have more of a reputation of being nerds than being hotties, but these 10 professors might change that.

Aside from getting great marks as educators, students rated these maths professors as some of the hottest in the U.S., according to data from Rate My Professor. Professor Ruth Dellinger of Florida State College at Jacksonville was ranked the hottest mathematician in the country.

“Great teacher. And ridiculously good looking. So hot, take her. She does a great job. Loved her and her class. And did I mention she is a complete babe?” one of Dellinger’s students wrote on RMP.

The student review website compiled this list for Business Insider using millions of user comments from across the country. Students can note whether they think a professor is hot by giving them a red chilli pepper.

Kelli Hammer

Broward College -- Fort Lauderdale, Florida

What students say:

'This professor is one of the best professors I've had troughout my college years. She will make sure you understand the material, she will stay after class if you need her. In case you didn't understand a homework, she will not penalise you. You must take her class.'

'Professor Hammer was the best maths teach a student can ever had. She breaks maths problems down step by step and will go over a problem numerous times for you to understand. best ever...'

Brooke Quinlan

Hillsborough Community College -- Hillsborough County, Florida

What students say:

'She is the best Maths teacher I have ever had. She is amazing. She explains everything step by step and she truly cares about the success of her students. She's fun and lively, so class isn't so boring. She goes over everything on tests! Take her!'

'Although I cannot perhaps give B-Wow (her preferred stylus of choice) the most accurate review, since this semester was my craziest ever, I can say that she is hard but fair, a lover of all things Nerds and Gummies and very dedicated to her students. You will not find many other maths teachers of this quality at HCC and she made Calc2 enjoyable/fair'

Deborah Serdynski

Florida State College at Jacksonville -- Jacksonville, Florida

What students say:

'GREAT teacher!!! Excellent communication. Provided study guides for exams that really helped me get through this class. I hate maths, but she made this very doable and stress free! Would DEF recommend to EVERYone!!!!!!'

'THE BEST!!! I am terrible at maths but she really worked with me and thankfully I passed! she responds to emails pretty quick and is very nice i totally recommend her:)'

Stephanie Bowers

Oregon State University -- Corvallis, Oregon

What students say:

'She was awesome, so patient and encourages questions. Seem she loves to teach. Learned a lot from her, highly recommended!'

'If you get the chance, take her!!! Best prof in the maths department. Encourages you to ask questions during lecture and never makes you feel dumb for asking. Everyone loved her in my class - Completely organised, encouraging and just a great teacher!'

Laura Stevens

University of California San Diego -- La Jolla, California

What students say:

'Dr. Stevens is probably THE BEST professor for maths out there. If you EVER get the chance to take her, don't even hesitate. You'll regret it if you do. She is crystal clear with her lectures and takes time to answer questions. I took her for an 8AM and I'm not a morning person, but I stayed wide awake! I wish I could have her every quarter!'

'Sexiest professor seen, yet! A little hard to concentrate to what she was saying, but she's a good professor. Explained the course well. Started and ended class on time. Voice: loud and clear. She was such a great professor that students from other professors come to her lecture instead.'

Rachel Cohen-Lehman

University of California Irvine -- Irvine, California

What students say:

'Smooth, even voice. Just listening to Prof Lehman makes you learn maths. Never good at maths now with her it makes so much sense. Knows her stuff. Wants you to share her passion for good maths skills. Infinite patience with slow learners that want to learn. Ultra-hot. Best prof at UCI.'

'Professor Lehman is awesome. I did not understand calculus at all in highschool but now it's crystal clear because of her. As long as you pay attention and do the hwk she assigns, you're set :) Take her!'

John Beyers

University of Maryland University College -- Prince George's County, Maryland

What students say:

'Prof Beyers is one of the smartest professors I've ever had AND he makes things easy to understand. What I liked the most about his teaching style is that he doesn't mind answering questions (like WHY we need this in the first place and HOW will we ever use this in real life). Thanks, Prof B!'

'definitely take prof beyers for calc! very responsive, quick responses, grades fair and fast, always there if/when you need him.'

Brent Monte

Irvine Valley College -- Irvine, California

What students say:

'Monte is hands down the best professor at IVC. Not only did I not understand maths before this class, I literally was almost unteachable. Monte was very helpful and explained any questions I had. He explained it multiple times if he had to. Unlike other teachers at IVC that explain it in their terms and go on with life. Monte is the best!'

'easily the best maths teacher at IVC. out of all the maths classes i've taken at IVC, he is the most nicest and understanding one. no ego, not cocky or arrogant, and extremely patient and helpful -- unlike other maths professors who make you feel like you're the worst person if you don't understand something. i highly recommend him.'

Corey Manchester

San Diego State University -- San Diego, California

What students say:

'Easily the greatest academic instruction that I have ever received in my entire schooling career. The dude is a legend. Every lecture, I found myself sitting in awe of his flawless teaching skills. If you can't learn from him, there is no hope for you.'

'Amazing teacher!!! He knows the material well and is great at teaching it. He makes it easy to understand. I wish I could take this class over again. He is great eye candy as well.'

Ruth Dellinger

Florida State College at Jacksonville --

Jacksonville, Florida

What students say:

'Love, love professor Dellinger! She was awesome, answered questions within a timely manner and helped those were struggling. Only two proctored tests and one final, easy for my busy schedule.'

'Professer Dellinger is AMAZING. I had her class a few years back, but she is still willing to help me through any subject. She will do whatever she can to help her students understand the material. I had a hard time in maths for a long time, but she taught it to where I understood. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to take any maths class with this professor :)'

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