The Sexiest Curlers Alive!

There’s a popular consensus that curling is a lovably lame sport that requires no skill or athleticism.

People like it, but only ironically.

In reality, though, curling is a highly technical game that requires years of training. And it has just as much drama and sex appeal as any other sport.

Yes, curling is sexy.

Don’t let anyone say otherwise.

Anna Sidorova, Russia

Thomas Ulsrud, Norway

Gim Un Chi, South Korea

Eve Muirhead, Great Britain

Rasmusthe St. Jerne Hansen, Denmark

Ekaterina Galkina, Russia

David Murdoch, Great Britain

Alexandra Saitova, Russia

Ayumi Ogasawara, Japan

Johnny Frederickson, Denmark

Jennifer Jones, Canada

Liu Rui, China

Ryan Fry, Canada

Anna Sloan, Great Britain

Alexey Stukalskiy, Russia

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