The 8 Hottest Companies In Wearable Tech Right Now

Pebble smart watch

Wearable computing is one of the most excited trends in gadget tech today, and for good reason.
Collecting data about our habits, from what we eat to where we go to lunch, will let us learn about our daily patterns and change behaviours to improve our lives.

There’s also the fun side of wearables: the Oculus Rift lets gamers experience virtual worlds as if they were actually there, while Google’s Glass has science-fiction and comic nerds everywhere fantasizing about the possibilities of having an Iron Man-like heads-up display at all times.

We’ve rounded up the companies that have people most excited about wearable tech right now.

8. Jawbone's stylish UP wristband lets you track your day-to-day activities to optimise your habits to improve mood and health.

7. Fitbit's wristbands, sensors, scales, and apps let users keep track of their fitness, diet, and sleeping patterns to help them live healthier lifestyles.

6. Nike's FuelBand has been rather successful thanks to its sleek design and the company's close collaboration with Apple to integrate its software with iOS. Apple CEO Tim Cook wears one and praises the company's focus on doing one thing very well.

5. Pebble's smartwatch first drew the public's attention when their Kickstarter campaign set records for the site and brought in over $US10 million for Pebble. A bit over a year later, Pebble has sold over 85,000 watches.

4. Samsung preempted an iWatch from Apple with the announcement of its Galaxy Gear smartwatch earlier this month. It offers functionality somewhere between an iPod Nano and an Android phone.

3. The Oculus Rift is the closest anyone has come to making virtual reality gaming at home a possibility. The addition of gaming legend John Carmack to the team has gamers everywhere pumped up about the possibilities of experiencing their favourite worlds like they never have before.

2. Analysts have been speculating about the release of an iWatch for years. The M7 processor found in the iPhone 5S -- which lets the device collect movement and location data with very low power usage -- has rekindled speculation about how Apple could differentiate itself from competitors like Nike or Samsung.

1. Google Glass, while very much a pre-release piece of hardware, has gotten the entire tech industry excited about the prospects of wearable hardware going mainstream.

Google Glass is only one of Google's forward-thinking projects...

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