The 25 Hottest Celebrity Offspring

hollywood offspring collage meliaLike father like daughter: Zelda and Robin Williams, Bria and Eddie Murphy, Jack and Lorraine Nicholson, Stephen and Alaia Baldwin.

Children of celebrities often inherit something more valuable than, well, their inheritance.

Talent? Diana Ross’ son sings like an angel.

Personality? Robin Williams’ daughter got his clownish sense of humour.

Looks? Here’s a slideshow of the blessed Baldwin women to prove it.

Of course, there are exceptions. Jack Nicholson’s daughter turned out exponentially better-looking. Tom Hanks’ middle son raps. Not well.

We rounded up the 25 hottest celebrity offspring, 18 and older, who are making waves in entertainment.

Prepare to ogle.

25. Sasha Spielberg

Age: 23

Celeb Parent: Steven Spielberg

What She's Up To: Sasha stepped out of her father's shadow hand-in-hand with adopted brother Theo, creating the soulful alternative-rock band Wardell.

The keyboard and ukulele player lulls listeners into a folksy summer anthem in the debut track, 'Opossum.'

Last year, the Brown University graduate caught Nicole Richie's eye at a concert and became the face of her bohemian-chic fashion lines, Winter Kate and House of Harlow 1960.

24. Indio Johnson

Age: 18

Celeb Parent: Robert Downey, Jr.

What He's Up To: The 'Iron Man' actor's son shreds on guitar and vox in his band, The Seems.

The trio's debut single, 'Buysexual,' features a bluesy garage sound and edgy, lovestruck lyrics.

The LA-based rocker, brooding like his father and now sporting platinum blonde locks, says he strives to find the sentimental in a world of excess.

23. Billie Lourd

Age: 20

Celeb Parent: Carrie Fisher

What She's Up To: Princess Leia's little princess dreamed of being a comic.

'You have plenty of material,' Fisher told her daughter, a New York University student, according to an interview with The Daily Mail. 'Your father's gay, your mother is a drug addict and manic depressive, your grandmother tap-dances for a living and your grandfather took speed.'

Billie's extra-curriculars include volunteering for the Obama for America campaign in 2008 and interning with HBO Documentary Films.

22. Rumer Willis

Age: 24

Celeb Parents: Bruce Willis and Demi Moore

What She's Up To: rumour has it the eldest daughter of Willis and Moore made her acting debut at birth. Moore allegedly hired a three-person camera crew to document her labour, according to Glamour UK.

The '90210' and 'House Bunny' actress joins the 'Pretty Little Liars' cast this July, playing an ambitious charity organiser, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Best Tweet @TheRue: Want to cuddle (PHOTO)

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21. Mavis Spencer

Age: 21

Celeb Parents: Alfre Woodard

What She's Up To: The 5'11' stunner has tackled modelling, classes at Columbia University -- where she recently, 'awkwardly,' dropped out -- and five-foot jumps on horseback.

The nationally ranked equestrian trains under champion rider, Kent Farrington.

Woodard says she doesn't get scared watching the self-proclaimed mamma's girl ride.

'Mavis is smart,' the Emmy winner told Essence magazine. 'She's an alpha girl and she's unapologetic about it.'

Best Tweet @MaviSpen: The word 'rally' is spelled D-u-n-k-i-n. It's the last day of the show and of course it's cold and raining! Best weather to load a trailer!

20. Sosie Bacon

Age: 21

Celeb Parents: Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick

What She's Up To: The family that works together stays together.

Sosie was directed by Bacon in 'Loverboy' and appeared in four episodes of 'The Closer' alongside Sedgwick.

But the petite firecracker doesn't back down from a father-daughter tiff.

'I would say she usually wins (the debates),' Bacon told People Magazine.

19. Spencer Grammer

18. Evan Ross

Age: 24

Celeb Parent: Diana Ross

What He's Up To: Born into showbiz royalty, son of the legendary Motown singer has carved out a space in R&B for his sultry falsetto sound.

His debut track, 'Yes Me,' leaves no room for questioning where his inspiration comes from: the King of Pop himself.

Michael Jackson, a close family friend, mentored Evan growing up. His style seamlessly blends into Evan's naturally 'Supreme' talent.

Best Tweet @realevanross: My wrist game is always crazy (PHOTO)

17. Alaia Baldwin

Age: 20

Celeb Parent: Stephen Baldwin

What She's Up To: Like most of the young and restless Baldwin women, the self-proclaimed 'baddest Baldwin' spends her time cozying up to other Baldwin women and documenting their closeness on Vine.

The budding model claims she goes incognito to agency meetings, refusing to let her father's status propel her career.

'It truly saddens me when people think that celebrity children get everything handed to them,' Alaia tweeted.

She works as hard as she twerks.

Best Tweet @AlaiaBbbaldwin: DON'T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT

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16. Lorraine Nicholson

Age: 23

Celeb Parent: Jack Nicholson

What She's Up To: Her breakout role in the movie 'Soul Surfer,' based on the life of a teenager who lost her arm in a shark attack, required Lorraine to take a semester off from Brown University and train for two hours every day.

'I was getting very buff,' a bikini-body-ready Lorraine told Access Hollywood. 'It was a great change of pace from my usually quite lazy lifestyle.'

15. Dakota Johnson

Age: 23

Celeb Parents: Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson

What She's Up To: You may recognise her as the spicy co-ed whom Justin Timberlake wakes up next to in 'The Social Network' -- where she was wearing red Stanford panties.

Dakota starred in the one-season FOX flop, 'Ben and Kate.'

14. Lily Costner

Age: 26

Celeb Parent: Kevin Costner

What She's Up To: The soft-spoken crooner hijacked her dad's band, Kevin Costner and the Modern West, for a track written for and inspired by the Emmy-winning miniseries, 'Hatfields & McCoys,' starring Costner.

The music video for 'Oh, Malley-Mae' features a wood-nymph-like Lily gathering ferns and rocking a delicate flower arrangement in her braided updo.

13. Gia Mantegna

Age: 23

Celeb Parent: Joe Mantegna

What She's Up To: The sizzling brunette actress had a recurring role in 'The Secret Life of the American Teenager,' and appears alongside Nicholas Cage and John Cusack in the summer thriller, 'Frozen Ground.'

Gia's close with her 'The Godfather: Part III' actor-father, and this year, they co-hosted the 21st Annual MOVIEGUIDE Awards.

Best Tweet @GiaMantegna: In times of distress, I often ask myself, What Would Amanda Do?

12. Zelda Williams

Age: 23

Celeb Parent: Robin Williams

What She's Up To: Prepare to be enchanted by manic pixie dream girl Zelda -- yes, named for the Legend of Zelda character.

The actress dresses her pooch like a 'Lord of the Rings' elf, watches 'Storage Wars' marathons, cooks bacon for friends, and channels her dad's goofy wit in 140 characters or less. Plus she blows bubbles.

The coincidental video game fiend appeared alongside Robin in a commercial for 'The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D.'

Best Tweet @zeldawilliams: In which Fast & the Furious do we find out Vin Diesel & The Rock are really long lost brothers united by their love of cars & weightlifting?

11. Corinne Bishop

Age: 19

Celeb Parent: Jamie Foxx

What She's Up To: Corinne made her grown-up, red carpet debut at this year's MTV Movie Awards, where the 'Django Unchained' actor called attention to his daughter's single status during his acceptance speech.

She's quite the catch. This cheerleader and social media fiend studies PR at University of Southern California.

After wrapping up her freshman year, she gallivanted across Europe with her best girlfriends and taught Pappa Foxx how to use Vine.

Best Tweet @corinnefoxx: Got a fish pedicure today... One of the strangest feelings EVER! (PHOTO)

10. Jack Quaid

Age: 21

Celeb Parents: Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan

What He's Up To: Jack splashed onto the big-screen in the box-office hit 'Hunger Games,' playing the spear-wielding District 1 tribute who killed pint-sized, fan-favourite Rue.

He's not so bad in real life.

The goofy young actor creates comedy sketches with friends and is a Vine junkie, showcasing his humour writing and capturing precious younger-sibling-bonding moments.

He attends the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University.

Best Tweet @JackQuaid92: Straight drinking iced coffee out of a Pepsi cup right now. What have YOU done with YOUR life!?!?!?

8. Chester Hanks

Age: 22

Celeb Parents: Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

What He's Up To: The aspiring rapper and apparently wildly successful ladies' man goes by his stage name to avoid recognition. He's not about riding coattails.

'When people didn't know who I was in terms of who my dad was, I wouldn't tell them,' Chester told The Huffington Post. 'I would tell people my name is Chet Haze, because it sounds like Hanks, so if I slipped up ... it almost sounds like Hanks.'

In 2011, the Northwestern University student released a remix of Wiz Khalifa's 'Black and Yellow,' named for the school's colours, 'Purple and White.'

He likes when female fans Snapchat him. Aw.

Best Tweet @CHETHAZE: 'Human beings are just immortal souls contained within physical bodies, searching to recall their own divine nature.'

7. Rainey Qualley

6. Katie Cassidy

Age: 26

Celeb Parent: David Cassidy

What She's Up To: The daughter of one of television's most-crushed-on sons stars in the recently renewed CW drama, 'Arrow.'

The often lip-pouting actress, rumoured to be a top contender for the role of Anastasia Steele in the film adaptation of '50 Shades of Grey,' has crushed some hearts of her own.

Her break-up with singer-songwriter Jesse McCartney inspired him to write the Grammy-nominated Leona Lewis track, 'Bleeding Love,' according to MTV.

Best Tweet @MzKatieCassidy: Yes, to everything about this. Dibbs on shirt! In my next life, can I be a Simpson?!? @lawoffashion agreed? (PHOTO)

5. Zoë Kravitz

Age: 24

Celeb Parent: Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet

What She's Up To: 'After Earth' crashed and burned at the box-office, but the stunning young actress has nowhere to go but up.

She's appeared in 'X Men: First Class' and 'Californication,' and is currently in production for 'Divergent,' based on the popular teen novel set in a dystopian future.

This year, the bona fide 'American Woman' added jewelry designer to her résumé.

The SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED collection was inspired by her birthstone colour, turquoise, Native American jewelry, and her bohemian-hip parents, Zoë told The Huffington Post.

4. Francesca Fisher-Eastwood

Age: 19

Celeb Parents: Clint Eastwood and Frances Fisher

What She's Up To: Francesca took some serious heat last year when she and photographer boyfriend Taylor Shields set fire to a $100,000 Birkin handbag. In the name of art.

The smokin' socialite starred in the E! network's 'Mrs. Eastwood & Company,' a short-lived reality show documenting the lavish lifestyles of the Eastwood Family women.

Best Tweet @Francesca_E: Driving a Vespa on the freeway is frowned upon

3. Patrick Schwarzenegger

Ages: 19

Celeb Parents: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver

What He's Up To: After being tossed from an LA club earlier this year, the gym rat refocused his attention on tossing dough.

He and the former First Lady of California became investors in Blaze Pizza, a build-your-own pies restaurant chain.

Otherwise your typical college guy, Patrick ogles at University of Southern California ladies and gets psyched about finding money in his pants.

Best Tweet @PSchwarzenegger: 'If your wondering what foods I eat to maintain 6 pack and what foods are in my pantry, here you are ' (PHOTO)

2. Emma Roberts

Age: 22

Celeb Parent: Eric Roberts

Celeb Aunt: Julia Roberts

What She's Up To: She played an awkward middle schooler on the Teen Nick series, 'Unfabulous,' but the accomplished young actress is all grown up and looking like a Pretty Woman.

She's acted alongside John Cusack in 'Adult World,' Zack Galifianakis in 'It's Kind of a Funny Story,' and James Franco in 'Palo Alto.'

But her lower back is best known for its role in the FunnyOrDie spoof, 'The Girl With The Tramp Stamp Tattoo.'

This August, she adds Jason Sudeikis and Jennifer Anniston to her all-star list of co-workers, playing the hoodrat daughter in 'We're the Millers.'

Best Tweet @RobertsEmma: Always the life of the party skyepeters (PHOTO)

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1. Allison Williams

Age: 26

Celeb Parent: Brian Williams

What She's Up To: Her character Marnie Michaels on HBO's 'Girls' could afford to loosen up, but real-life Allison proves she doesn't take life too seriously.

The Yale graduate wrote and starred in the Funny Or Die sketches 'Will & Kate: Before Happily Ever After,' impersonating a ruthless Kate Middleton, and slow-jammed Ke$ha's 'Tik Tok' on YouTube.

You just met Alaia Baldwin and 24 other hot celebrity offspring

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