Canned hot coffee is coming to America

HotshotHotshot Coffee FacebookHot Shot Coffee founder, Danny Grossfeld appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank on October 30.

Canned hot coffee is coming to America.

Danny Grossfeld decided to bring the idea to the US after discovering it is a $US14 billion industry in Japan.

Grossfeld took this idea to Kickstarter, where producers from ABC’s Shark Tank discovered his invention and invited him on the show. 

Grossfeld didn’t get a deal after appearing on Shark Tank on October 30.

But private investors who saw the show offered to fund the concept. Shark Tank host Mark Cuban will also offer a test placement of Hotshot coffee in his movie theatres. 

The can stays hot without burning your hands thanks to an insulated label that claims to “keep your coffee hot and your hands cool.” 

The invention has two parts: the coffee can (Hotshot) and the heating device (Hotbox).

The Hotbox is like a mini fridge that keeps beverages hot and acts as a heating and storage unit for the cans. It applies 140 degree heat to each can. 

The initial coffee flavours available are: espresso, caramel, vanilla frappe, and hot chocolate. More flavours will be added in the future.

The coffee is made from 100% Arabica beans grown in Sumatra and is served in aluminium cans made of 70% recycled content. 

While Hotshot is not available for purchase yet, you can pre-order a starter kit, which includes a heating box and 12 cans of assorted flavours for $US69.99. The product will be delivered in January.

The motivation behind this invention is to be able to grab a hot coffee quickly, without waiting in line at a coffee shop.

Fans of the idea expressed their excitement after seeing it on Shark Tank:



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