Hotels Have Just 15 Minutes To Make A Good Impression On Customers


Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Hotels are so scared you might tweet a bad interaction, they are feeding customers cookies before any monetary exchange even takes place.With the ubiquity of social media, there is more pressure for hotels to provide exemplary service, right from the beginning of a guest’s arrival. 

As Andrea Petersen points out in The Wall Street Journal, guests today can (and will) tweet out their frustration with bad service, or post a rant on Facebook, before they have even finished with their stay.

To counter such happenings, Petersen writes that hotels have been making sure to pull out all their best customer service tricks in the first 15 minutes of a guest’s arrival.

Some of the most interesting tricks: Affinia uses a body-language expert to train its workers, so they can know how to gauge their guests’ moods.

At the Gramercy Park Hotel, motion-detecting sensors puff out fragrances to please passersby.

Other hotels are taking the route of renovating their lobbies or building long, scenic driveways to enhance the view before entering.

If you’re looking for those cookies, head to DoubleTree, who has been serving the warm treats for more than 25 years upon arrival.

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