6 exercises you can do in a hotel room

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If you travel a lot for work, you’ll know that it’s hard to maintain a good exercise routine, especially if the hotel or Airbnb you are staying in doesn’t have a gym.

Luckily, there are some exercises you can do with just your body weight and items that can be found in any hotel room or Airbnb, that will still give you a great, well-rounded workout.

We asked the head of fitness at 24-hour international gym franchise Anytime Fitness, Kate Allott for her best tips on how to exercise while travelling.

Here are her tips:

Body weight or plyometric squat — 15 repetitions (reps)

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A plyometric squat is a squat with a jump up at the top. Do this if you want to get your heart rate up quicker.

“Use a dining chair or the couch as a gauge for depth,” Allott says.

Backward stepping or plyometric lunge — 15 reps

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Just like the squat above, a plyometric lunge is a lunge with a jump at the top.

If you have trouble balancing when lunging, make sure you start with your feet wider than hip distance, that way you will be more stable.

Incline or standard push up — 15 reps

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“If incline is your choice of burn, place your hands on the edge of the couch and feet on the floor,” Allott says.

Tricep dip — 15 reps

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Allott suggests to put your hands on a dining chair to keep them narrow, and ensure elbows track straight back.

“For an extra challenge, straighten the legs,” she says.

Lying hip raise (bridge) or single leg lying hip raise — 15 reps

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If you have a heavy book or similar small, weighted object, place it on your hips before you push them up.

You should feel this in your hamstrings.

Bicycle crunch — 15 reps

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Make sure you keep your elbows wide, and aim to touch the tip of your elbow to your opposite knee.

Do this whole sequence three times, with a short break in between.

If you’re not out of breath by the end, do another one or two circuits of the entire sequence.

As always, after every workout, make sure you cool down and stretch properly.

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