Go Inside The Most Expensive Hotel Suite In The World—Just $81,000 A Night

hotel president wilson

Photo: Hotel President Wilson

Switzerland has the most expensive average hotel room rates in Europe, and the price tag on the outrageous Royal Penthouse suite at Geneva’s Hotel President Wilson could be the reason why.At $81,000 a night, the suite is the most expensive hotel suite in the world.

The 12-bedroom suite takes up the entire eighth floor of the hotel, and has hosted heads of state from Bill Clinton to Mikhail Gorbachev.

Welcome to the Hotel President Wilson on the shores of Lake Geneva.

It's home to the incredible 18,000-square foot Royal Penthouse Suite.

The 12-bedroom, 12-bathroom suite takes up the entire floor of the hotel.

It's located close to the United Nations and has hosted heads of state including Bill Clinton, the King of Saudi Arabia, and Tony Blair.

Other past guests include Bill Gates, Sir Richard Branson, and Michael Jackson.

It has extensive security measures, including armoured doors, a human-sized safe, and bullet-proof windows.

There's also a private elevator, guard room and access to a helipad. And a Steinway grand piano.

And an executive boardroom for meetings.

Nearly every room has a view of Lake Geneva and the Alps. Even the bathrooms.

An entire team is devoted to guests staying in the suite. It includes a personal assistant, chef and butler who are available 24 hours a day.

It's one of only three hotels in the world with a 103-inch television from Bang & Olufsen, which costs more than $130,000.

The suite has a fitness centre, a billiard room, and a salon.

There's also a private balcony.

The extensive art collection was hand-selected by Charles Tamman, the hotel's director and owner.

This suite is truly luxurious. But for $81,000 a night, would you expect anything different?

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