A New Orleans hotel is offering people the chance to stay in a luxury suite if they return items they have stolen from its premises

The Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans. Hilton
  • The Roosevelt hotel in New Orleans has launched a competition encouraging former guests to return items previously stolen from the property.
  • Participants who return an item will be eligible to win a seven-night stay in one of the hotel’s lavish presidential suites, worth over $US15,000.
  • The Roosevelt plans to display the items in its lobby, in the hope of telling the history of the hotel.
  • The campaign, called the “Historic Giveback Contest,” has been launched to celebrate the hotel’s 125th birthday.

While we may not all go as far as Ross from “Friends,” who famously took the toilet roll from hotel rooms, most people are guilty of swiping a little something from a hotel.

Whether you simply take the toiletries provided or stash a pricier object into your suitcase upon checking out, you certainly aren’t alone.

Such is the extent of traveller theft that one luxury hotel has resorted to launching a campaign to encourage people to return items stolen from the premises.

The Roosevelt New Orleans, a Waldorf Astoria Hotel, is asking former guests to return previously stolen goods f0r the chance to win a stay in one of the hotel’s lavish presidential suites.

The suites range from 1,200 to 1,930 square feet and include Ferragamo toiletries, 42″ flat-screen TVs in the bedroom and living areas, and luxurious decor.

TheRoosevelt presidential suite
One of the Roosevelt’s presidential suites. Hilton

Instead of facing punishment for admitting to theft, anyone who returns an item will be entered into a sweepstakes for a shot to win seven nights in one of the suites, worth over $US15,000 in total.

Oh, and they will get to take their stolen goods back afterwards, too. The Roosevelt doesn’t even want to keep any of the returned items.

The hotel is launching the “Historic Giveback Contest” to celebrate its 125th birthday.

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Former guests have until July 1 2019 to return items either by dropping them off at the concierge desk or sending them in the mail.

All the items will be displayed in the lobby, in the hope that they will tell the history of the Roosevelt.

“We will accept any item from any time period in the building’s hotel history for our Historic Giveback Contest,” General Manager Tod Chambers told Conde Nast Traveller.

“We want to celebrate her entire past. And, we plan to display the items people send to us in window cases in the lobby. We will return items to their owners after a big ceremony in July, if they wish.”

Roosevelt lobby
The Roosevelt’s lobby. Hilton

Items which have already been returned include Grunewald plates stolen from the dining room, a whole tablecloth, vases, and a vinyl record, which may make you feel less bad for swiping a pen or bottle of conditioner.

A selection of the items that have already been returned. The Roosevelt

“We understand it,” Chambers said. “In a way, knowing they have something that reminds them of our Roosevelt in their own homes? Well, that leaves us flattered.

“We’d estimate nearly 700 of our logoed Sazerac glasses are ‘borrowed’ from the bar during the holiday season alone.

“This is letting us recapture a little history and have some fun doing it. We are getting a few items every week, and we expect that to rise as we roll toward July.”

Find all the details of the contest here.

This post has been updated to clarify the contest’s rules.