There's an awesome 'Batman v Superman'-themed Batmobile at Comic-Con

The Batmobile got a bit of a makeover at San Diego Comic-Con this week, courtesy of Hot Wheels.

At the Mattel booth, the brand brought its iconic 1969 Twin Mill, called “one of the most recognisable and popular Hot Wheels casting for generations,” to life. Its black and blue wrapping and logos make it the perfect vehicle to cart around the dynamic duo in the upcoming “Man of Steel” sequel, “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

The movie doesn’t premiere until spring 2016, and neither does Mattel’s toy version of the car — though a prototype drew crowds.

Let’s take a closer look at the life-sized, driveable car.

For reference, here’s what an original Twin Mill car by Hot Wheels looks like.

And here’s the “Batman v Superman” version. The resemblance is remarkable.

An absolute monster on the road, the car boasts two V8 engines, 750 horsepower each.

The hood has a massive Superman logo.

While the car roof shows off the new Bat symbol.

A combination of the two symbols appears on the car door.

And on the interior between the driver and passenger seats.

There’s an itty-bitty Hot Wheels logo on the wheels.

While fans won’t get to drive away in this exclusive “Batman v Superman” car, they will be able to purchase a toy version in spring 2016.

It will cost just $US5.

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