The model who went viral after giving Stephen Curry 'that look' sets the record straight

A model went viral Sunday night during Game Two of the NBA Finals after cameras seemingly caught her giving a seductive look to Warriors star Stephen Curry during the game.

The internet had a field day with the image:



It didn’t take long before the self-proclaimed “mummy/ dancer/ model/ hustler” identified herself on social media as Roni Rose.

Rose posted the image on Instagram with a caption explaining: “Sooo I was just drinking my drink and this happened. I’m just giving the boys a little motivation I guess. Go warriors lol.”

 Judging by Rose’s Instagram account, she’s a huge Warriors fan.



Rose’s mum even got in on the action, allegedly defending the photo of her daughter.

Her mum’s Instagram account is private, but TheShadeRoom obtained a screenshot of the post, in which Rose’s mum explains “This is my daughter sitting next to her lovely boyfriend” who has “season tickets.”

She continued: “It’s so sad you can make these accusations not even knowing someone… you want to hate i’ll pray for you all.”


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