The Women In Our Office Won't Stop Saying How Dreamy These Tech Guys Are

Pete Cashmore

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The other day, BI senior editor Jay Yarow and I were in a meeting.In the meeting: six women, two men.

One of the men on this list came up.

One of the women made a comment about his looks.

Then another woman in the meeting chimed in.

Then another said something about another guy they thought was even cuter.

Oh boy.

It went on like this.

Me being me, I decided this topic would obviously make for a good slideshow.

So a couple weeks later, I brought some of the women from my office back into a room, and they gave me comments on each of the guys listed here.

What did I get myself into?

'Can you make Ben the cover?'

'What a cutie.'

'He once told me he couldn't come to a BI after-party because he was buying ice cream for his little sister who had tonsil surgery.'

'Where did you get that photo of him?'

'He looks like a 90s sitcom star.'

'He's a total bad boy.' 'I like it.'

'I get a little wooo-swoony.'

'When he opens his mouth it's even better. He's such a smarty.'

'I may or may not have once Googled 'Chris Dixon married.''

'That's a really good picture of him.'

'Look at that bone structure. What a great jaw line.'

'He has really pretty eyes too…'

'Yeah they're bright blue.'

'Who doesn't like a little bit of scruff?'

'It's the mystery.'

'Yeah!! Woah! Look at those muscles'

'He's like a Navy Seal there.'

'Is he a marine? I like when they have uniforms.'

'Can we put him in a uniform?'

'I think he is super cute.'


'Totally debonair. Super-confident. Take charge.'

'Mmm. Take charge.'

'I mean that's the total package.'

'He's hot. He's sexy, though. That's the word for him.'

'He's not cute. He's not nerdy. He's sexy.'

'Yeah the scruff is good'

'Is he British or Australian?'

'He goes to London all the time.'

'Neil's just a sweetheart.'

'He's like the boy next door…'

'…with really pretty eyes.'

'Yeah that's right.'

'And the accent is no joke.'

'He's someone you'd stalk online.'

'Lincoln Brown, I just have to say, he makes you feel good in his presence. He gives you ALL of his attention. He makes you feel like a million bucks.'

'We googled if he was married too.'

'Yeah we did.'

'We definitely cyber stalked this guy before we met him.'

'He looks like an all American boy.'

'He's the total package. He's smart, he's hot, he's charming, he's just beautiful.'

'He smelled so good, I just wanted to take a bite.'

'I should meet this guy.'

'I like Charlie.'

'He's dreamy.'

'He's the definition of a cute nerd.'

'He's really cute.'

'Good lips.'

'He doesn't look nerdy.' 'That's because you haven't seen him in a vest.'

'Does he have a dimple? I like dimples.'

'It's kind of like a Josh Hartnett-y thing.'

'He has a mystery about him that's very like…I want to know more.'

'He's soap-opera-y.'

'He has some very beautiful skin. It's just flawless.'

'He's striking.'

And hey, don't forget about me, Nicholas Carlson! Ladies, leave your comments below (but caveat, I'm married)

Now that we've completely objectified these poor guys, lets turn the tables:

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