Gawker Media: 394 Million Pageviews, 1 Steampunk Office

We stopped by Gawker Media’s New York headquarters earlier this week and asked owner Nick Denton how’s business. He told us:

  • Gawker reached 394 million pageviews in October.
  • Revenues were growing at a 40% y/y pace earlier this year, but Nick Denton says, “I don’t think we’ll sustain quite the same rate of growth that we had in first half.”

We also brought our camera along for the visit.

Tour Gawker’s steampunk-style offices→

Gawker's neighbourhood is actually three neighborhoods: SoHo, NoLita and the Bowery

Gawker is way up at the top of these stairs. There's an elevator somewhere in the building, but no one ever uses it

The view from outside Gawker's door, if you make it up all those stairs

Matt's impressive collection of tester phones (plus one camera, for effect)

Gawker has a series of phone booths. Here's sales director Michael Cascio. He used to run sales at collegehumor.

James Del reclines on a couch straight out of the blue pill/red pill scene in The Matrix

No cubes for the Gawkers. They work on draftsman's tables, just like architects

Lux Alptraum holds an invitation to the Gawker porn blog Fleshbot's awards show.

Gawker's roof deck is home to many summertime parties for advertisers

Video chief Richard Blakeley show us how he works outside on nice days

The view to the south…

…and to the north.

The requisite glassy conference room.

Here's the spot from which Deadspin writer Dashiell Bennett bashes sports stars like Ben Roethlisberger (and lesser lights like Steve Phillips)

Gawker's office surfboard belongs to gadget blog Gizmodo. It's from Summermodo

Gawker subscribes to magazines from Heeb to Fortune to Maxim.

Old media has a home at Gawker HQ

Scott Kidder: office manager and soul of the company. We hear he's not actually the COO

Gawker pageviews over the last year. Look at io9 and Gizmodo crushing it!

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