Hot Or Not? Ben Parr And Others Talk About The Breakout Apps At SXSW This Year

In previous years, startups such as Twitter and Foursquare famously launched at SXSW. So naturally, everyone was eager to find out what the next big app was this year.

SXSW Interactive has grown from 11,000 in 2009 to more than 30,000 people this year.

A lot of people there were saying SXSW has gotten too big for startups, that it’s too hard to break out from all the noise. Others named Highlight was the breakout app.

We saw that Highlight was popular among the early adopters, but others said they were perfectly OK with using Foursquare to find out where all their friends were checking into.

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We talked to Joseph Corriero, director of digital marketing at Bank of America; Jonathan Kopp, global director at Ketchum Digital, a fan of Highlight; Ben Parr, former Mashable editor-at-large; and LJ Rich, a freelancer for BBC’s technology show Click.

Here’s what they said: