Hot New Trend On Wall Street: SoulCycling

soul cycle

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SoulCycle — a 40-five minute indoor cycling routine incorporating arm exercises and a core workout — is becoming one of the hottest new exercise trends on Wall Street.”We’re all a bunch of closet soulcyclers,” an analyst at an investment bank told us.

He said his girlfriend dragged him to the first session. Now he’s hooked. 

One reason might be the intense calorie burn of just one 45-minute session: 400-550 calories, on average.

It’s also a great reprieve from the workplace.

The SoulCycle workouts take place in candle-lit rooms with music blaring while a coach leads the class.

In addition, mobile phones, BlackBerries and texting are not allowed so there’s no need to worry about being bothered for 40-five minutes.

A single class in New York City costs $32 dollars.  There are options to purchase a series of sessions.  

But be warned: the classes fill up fast.

Check out the video below for more details on SoulCycle.