There's Actually A Good Use For iPads Getting Too Hot

Coffee on iPad

Photo: Flickr / Brett Patterson

As #warmgate continues to be a debate between curious consumers and Apple fanboys, pranksters at Primary Coffee Company found an optimistic way to look at how to utilise your iPad’s overheating issues.The web app HotPad will purposely overclock your iPad’s processor so the CPU gets as hot as possible.

With the iPad getting considerably warm, HotPad asks that you place a cup of coffee on your screen so your beverage maintains a a drinkable temperature.

(Thanks Mashable for finding this gem.)

This is by far the most ridiculous use of a tablet yet, and while we’re pretty sure the app won’t make a noticeable different to your coffee’s temperature, it is a funny way to look at #warmgate as iPad owners continue to decide whether the overheating is too uncomfortable for their preference.

We don’t recommend you actually use HotPad to warm your coffee since you’ll obviously run the risk of getting your iPad wet. But the developers of HotPad do say the app “will not break, melt, or otherwise destroy your iPad.” Good to hear!

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