16 Hot Cocktail Destinations Around America

The Hawthorne bar

This week we’re shouting out all things liquid with the results of our 2013 Mixology Survey.

While we’re on the topic, here’s a list of 16 of the hottest joints for top-notch tipples around the U.S. – two from each of our blog cities.

Pour yourself a drink while you scope them in the slide show, and let us know your local faves in the comments.

LA: The Varnish

NYC: Raines Law Room

Chicago: Violet Hour

Boston: The Hawthorne

San Francisco: Blackbird

Austin: Bar Congress

DC Metro Area: Wisdom

LA: Freddy Smalls Bar & Kitchen

San Francisco: Burritt Room

Philadelphia: Franklin Mortgage

112 S. 18th St.

Named after a front for a notorious Prohibition alcohol ring, this Rittenhouse spot features an unmarked, subterranean entrance -- but a sleazy speakeasy it most definitely is not; indeed, the high-end cocktails are as sophisticated as the burgundy-leather-laden space is swanky and the clientele is civilized.

Chicago: The Whistler

NYC: Madam Geneva

Boston: Brick & Mortar

DC Metro Area: PX

Philadelphia: Ranstead Room

112 S. 18th St.

Erotic art and a discreet entrance on an alleylike street in Rittenhouse enhance the speakeasy vibe of this first foray into the cocktail-bar scene for Stephen Starr; tucked behind the renowned restaurateur's El Rey restaurant, whose kitchen provides a few choice bites, the snug spot features a trim list of pricey classic quaffs curated by a respected NYC mixologist, made with fresh-squeezed juice and delivered over hand-chipped ice.

Austin: Midnight Cowboy

Now see some more hot drinking spots.

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