Twinkies Have Returned, But Most Hostess Workers Won't Get Their Jobs Back

Even though Twinkies are coming back to stores, most of the Hostess employees who lost their jobs when the company went under won’t get them back. 

Only 20% to 25% of the workers laid off by Hostess will get their jobs back now that private equity firms own the brand, according to CNNMoney. 

Some 18,500 workers were let go when the 82-year-old company shut down in November 2012.

It’s likely that new management will invest in higher-tech machinery to produce the snacks, replacing real workers, Natalie Everett, a snack industry analyst with IBISWorld, told CNNMoney

The firms also plan to use outsourced trucking companies to deliver the goods, and won’t re-open 600 Hostess outlet stores.

Hostess, which also made iconic pastries like Donettes, Sno Balls, and Ho Hos, went out of business late last year and laid off 18,500 employees. 

Most of the Hostess brands were quickly purchased by Apollo Global Management and Metropoulos & Co.

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