Walmart And Kroger Are Reportedly Interested In Buying Hostess


Photo: Masayoshi Sekimura/Flickr

Hostess, which went out of business earlier this year, is attracting first-round bids from Walmart and Kroger, according to Bloomberg News. There are about two dozen bidders for the brand so far, reported Jeffrey McCracken and Beth Jinks. 

“A few of the bids are for all the assets, some are for just the cakes or breads businesses, and others are interested in individual Hostess plants,” Bloomberg reported. The liquidation sale is expected to generate $1 billion. 

Hostess announced it was shutting down last month, leaving more than 18,000 people out of jobs. 

But soon after the announcement, buyers began lining up for a piece of the iconic brand. 

In addition to Twinkies, Hostess makes Donettes, Sno Balls and HoHos. 

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