Host of Joe Stack's Manifesto Site Deletes Claim That FBI Asked For Its Removal

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The strange story of Joe Stack’s anti-IRS manifesto — updated hours before he crashed his plane into IRS offices in Austin, Texas, killing one — continues.

Yesterday, we noted that Alex Melen, president and founder of T35, the hosting company of Stack’s site, (pictured here) took down the page because of what he says was an FBI request. But the FBI told us it doesn’t make take down web-pages like Stack’s.

Today, T35 has changed its note on the site to no longer make reference to the FBI — in response to a phone request at 10:08 pm by the FBI itself, according to Melen. It now reads: 

This website has been taken offline due to the sensitive nature of the events that transpired in Texas. Although the customer exceeded their bandwidth limits earlier today, due to numerous requests, we have added credit to this account to keep this site live for informational purposes.

That’s strange, considering what Melen told us last night: “The FBI did call me and ask that I take down the site,” Melen said. “I am not sure if you’d call it a request, recommendation, or suggestion, but that’s what happened.”

Today, he tells us the Austin, Texas FBI office told him to take the FBI reference down. “They didn’t necessarily force me to do it, they just asked,” Melen says. “I didn’t see any harm in removing the
FBI note from the home page, especially if it can stop all this crazy controversy that’s going around.”

As FBI spokesman Special Agent Eric Vasys in San Antonio told us yesterday, “the FBI does not request that sites remove language such as being reported to be authored by Mr. Stack. That’s not our area to do that.”

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