Hosni On The Hot Seat

hosni mubarak lula egypt

Stratfor is reporting:


According to a Jan. 27 report in the independent Egyptian daily Al-Mesryoon, President Hosni Mubarak held a high-level meeting Jan. 25 with top members of the Cabinet, security officials and leaders of the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) to discuss the largest instance of public agitation in 30 years. During the meeting, an unnamed but key member of the Cabinet reportedly called on Mubarak to immediately appoint a vice president from the military and resign as NDP chief, and said the governing party should withdraw from any plans to nominate the president’s son Gamal as a candidate for the presidential election slated for September.

If Egypt’s apex leadership is indeed discussing such measures in meetings, it means a significant number of elements within the top ranks of the state are not confident that the regime can contain the ongoing unrest without making some concessions to the public. That a senior minister is asking for the appointment of a vice president from the military shows the extent to which Egypt’s military is reasserting itself in the decision-making process. It also shows that there are forces within the ruling party that feel the party’s survival depends upon gradually distancing itself from the Mubarak family, which has been the object of public ire.

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