This Horse Named ‘Tebowing’ Will Soon Be Hated By NFL Fans Everywhere


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The Little Red Feather horse stable needed a name for a filly that is “leggy and powerful” and has “a fire in her eye and a bounce in her step.” So, naturally, they named her after Tim Tebow.Actually, they named her after Tebow’s signature more, “Tebowing” (via Larry Brown Sports)

Tebowing is an internet-craze in which people mimic Tebow’s signature pose. It is now also the daughter of the 2000 Kentucky Derby winner Fusaichi Pegasus. And they even have a special deal for Tebow fans that want to invest in the young filly.

In addition, if you invest before November 30th and send us a picture of yourself Tebowing we will knock 5% off the initial share price.

We don’t know if Tebowing will be Tebowing anytime soon. But it is a safe bet that she will be a close late. And we also wouldn’t recommend betting against her.