Horrified visitors at a Norway zoo watched an antelope gore a favourite giraffe to death

A young Melvin. Picture: YouTube/Verdens Gang

WARNING: The following post contains a picture which may distress some readers.

A giraffe was gored to death by an antelope at Norway’s Kristiansand zoo on Monday.

In what was obviously a traumatic scene for around 30 onlookers at the zoo, the eland antelope inexplicably gored its stablemate in the stomach after the five-year-old giraffe got his head caught under a railing.

The giraffe was a crowd favourite, having been named Melvin in a poll run by newspaper Verdens Gang following his birth at the zoo in 2010.

The antelope had been Melvin’s stablemate for the five years since his birth.

“It was very traumatic. People were crying everywhere,” witness Øivind Hansen told Verdens Gang.

Hansen snapped several shots of the incident:

Picture: Øivind Hansen

Zookeepers are now coming under fire after witnesses say they had been calling for help for more than 15 minutes, but the zoo’s chief Per Arnstein Aamodt said it was difficult to have all workers with animals all day.

Zoo vet Rolf Arne Ølberg arrived before Melvin died, but could not save him.

“The animal kingdom is occasionally brutal,” he said in a press release. “But we don’t think it’s nice that so many of our visitors, large and small, got an involuntary insight into this today.”

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