If "Horrible Bosses" Feels Authentic, It's Because The People Who Made It Weren't Always Hollywood Stars

horrible bosses

Sure, Jason Bateman has been in the business since he was a wee boy.

And Jennifer Aniston grew up watching her dad, John, navigate Tinseltown.

But, judging from the optimistic reviews and $25 million weekend projections, “Horrible Bosses” pretty much nails the everyday worker experience.

The film probably owes that accomplishment to the rest of its principals’ extremely average pre-Hollywood careers.

Donald Sutherland graduated with a double major in drama and engineering -- and he was already working as a radio correspondent at the time. He eventually abandoned all but the drama, and the rest is history.

Kevin Spacey first tried to go the stand-up route -- so he did comedy gigs at bowling alleys in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Now check out some real-life horrible bosses.

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