Woman Claims Spam Maker Hormel Fired Her For Telling It To 'Come Out Of The Dark Ages' And Treat Women Better

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Photo: madmarv00/Flickr

A woman is suing Hormel, the maker of Spam and Hormel chilli, claiming she was fired for complaining about the “abusive relationship” that existed between mostly male managers and their mostly female administrative staff.Deborah Hoss claims she was fired in April 2011, just hours after she filled out a survey asking employees how they felt about their working conditions, Courthouse News Service reported Thursday.

In her answer to the survey, Hoss complained of the “‘Old Boy’s Club mentality’ that prevailed at Hormel, which included the ‘denigration and general atmosphere of disrespect for the administrative assistants/support staff,” her lawsuit states.

She ran into trouble though when she emailed those survey responses to her fellow administrative assistants.

Hoss’ supervisors called her into a meeting where one boss “slammed down a copy of the email she had sent and said he was furious about it,” CNS reported, adding the supervisors told her the email was a “misuse of company resources” and fired her.

Hoss is seeking punitive damages for gender discrimination and retaliation.

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