NYT Fashion Mag Loses Online Director Horatio Silva


10 years ago, Horacio Silva joined The New York Times‘ fashion magazine after breaking bread with then-editor Amy Spindler.

A decade later, the publication’s online director is saying goodbye.

He departs roughly a year after Sally Singer moved from Vogue to take the top job at T, a gig some thought should go to Silva.

The Cut spoke to the outgoing editor who said, “It’s no secret I’ve been toying with the idea. About four years ago, I wrote into my blackberry ‘On May 5, time to resign.'”

He resigned on May 8th, 2011.

Next up: Some time in the consulting world where he’ll work with consumer brands.

“It’s an interesting time right now as the lines between editorial and advertising are becoming more and more nebulous, it’ll be interesting to be in the forefront there,” he told Chris Rovzar in a statement that is both accurate and vaguely concerning.