Inside The Subway-Inspired Office Of HopStop (PHOTO TOUR)

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Photo: Daniel Goodman / Business

HopStop is the New York-based startup that helps people get directions to where they need to go.Competing with Google in the mapping and navigation marketplace is no easy feat and the HopStop team is hard at work in the company’s global headquarters (and only office) in Midtown Manhattan.

First, we head to E. 33rd and Fifth.

It's number 10, and you can see in the reflection that we are still close to Korea Town.

Up on the sixth floor we reach our destination. There was good music playing quietly throughout the office. It was a nice touch.

Of course, we check out the reading material and there is a good selection.

And like just about everybody else they also use Seamless.

The elevator is cool and this was the first of many old MTA signs we saw in the office. And that is HopStop CEO Joe Meyer walking to meet with some staff.

Yes, we snagged a couple M&Ms from that table, and a picture.

The office takes the whole floor and is one big room, here is one half of it.

Matt Heinsimer (back, right) and Scott Margolis (front, left), are the Ad Sales Director and Business Development and Mobile Director (respectively) so they bring in the money. Good sign that they are busy on the phone.

There was a pretty cool pool table in the middle of the office but we only saw people working on the sides.

Of course some drinks and a fridge for employees.

Another look at that cool pool table and you can see down to the other end of the office.

There are cool old maps all over the office. These guys are kind of obsessed with figuring out how to get places and are big on maps.

Of course the person picking all the music playing in the office was situated in the Downtown and Brooklyn area. Zach Phillips, originally from Toronto, used to work in music publishing, so he is the resident DJ. He also has the best mug in the world.

The walls are a warm exposed brick.

And the hardwood floors gleam.

Next we check out the break area.

It's cozy.

HopStop can also help users navigate taxis, so they got some representation in the office also.

China really is popping up everywhere. We noticed this Chinese writing on this exposed electrical socket.

The whole office. But a meeting room and CEO's office are behind the photographer.

Without these stops there might not be HopStop.

Ian Finlay (left) is the Business Development Intern, Mike Cheung (centre) works on Data Management, and Ryo Katsuki (right) is a Software Developer and Data Manager.

The environment is friendly and you can see some of the nice personal touches that create this. CEO Joe Meyer has fours kids, but unfortunately he isn't always around the office when they are. These were definitely our favourite pieces of art in the place!

Mamaroneck is where he now calls home.

But originally he hails from Staten Island. So he knows his way around New York.

HopStop CEO Joe Meyer working on the company's next big move.

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