HOPE SOLO: The Life Of Soccer's Newest Superstar


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With one penalty save, Hope Solo went from soccer goalie to American sensation.With her good looks and demonstrative personality, she saw her star grow brighter in the aftermath of Sunday’s epic World Cup quarterfinal win over Brazil.

Her website even crashed due to the flood on interest.

But who is Hope Solo? How did she get from the outskirts of Seattle to the pinnacle of American sports?

Hope was born in 1981 to Jeffrey and Judy Solo

Her father was a Vietnam War veteran and became an inspirational figure throughout her life

Hope grew up in Richland, Washington outside of Seattle

When Hope was 7 her increasingly volatile father absconded from home with Hope and her brother

After travelling around Seattle for days, the police finally found the three and returned Hope and her brother home. After that Hope lived with her mother and her father lived in a state of semi-homlessness.

At the same time, Hope was a rising star on the women's soccer scene, scoring 109 goals at Richland High

Hope and her father reunited in her college years, with Jeffrey attending her games and Hope visiting his tent to eat mac and cheese

In 1999, the University of Washington-bound Solo was selected to participate in the Pan Am Gold Cup

In 2003 she made her professional debut with the Philadelphia Charge of the WUSA

Two years later, she moved on to Europe, playing professionally in France and Sweden

In 2005, she earned a call-up to the women's national team for the first time

Before the 2007 World Cup, Hope's father died of a heart attack at 69, sending Hope reeling

After getting benched in the 2007 World Cup, Hope went on a post-match tirade against the coach, making headlines across the country

In 2008, she finally recovered from the tumultuous year she had in 2007 and started on the Olympic gold medal-winning US team

In 2010 she returned to American professional soccer, playing for the Atlanta Beat

Since returning to the US, she's upped her public profile with a sponsorship deal with Nike

She currently plays for the Florida-based club magicJack

Hope figured prominently in the USA's stunning win over Brazil last weekend, stopping a key penalty kick to seal the win

She's listed as single on her Facebook page, so there may be hope her newfound fans

Now see whose shots she'll be stopping

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