Hope Solo And Jerramy Stevens Got Married Last Night

Hope Solo and Jerramy Stevens reportedly still got married last night after Stevens was arrested for alleged assault and later released, according Big Lead Sports.

Earlier, a Seattle radio show host tweeted that Stevens and Solo tied the knot last night. Fellow US Women’s National Team member Jillian Loyden’s stream of tweets from last night and the past couple of days also seem to confirm the couple wed on Tuesday:

jerramy stevens hope solo

Photo: Twitter

Stevens and Solo allegedly fought over whether they would live in Washington or Florida after they got married. There was alcohol involved, the fight escalated, and Solo’s brother called the police. When the police arrived Stevens was allegedly laying on the ground in his room and Solo had blood on her elbow.

Stevens was released yesterday because “there was no evidence connecting Stevens to any assault. The case is being further investigated.

Stevens has a long history of arrests.

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