How Hope Hicks ended up on Air Force One with Trump last weekend after resigning from the White House months ago

  • The former White House communications director Hope Hicks was spotted at President Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Ohio over the weekend.
  • Hicks had planned to spend her weekend with Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, but Trump got wind that she was in town and insisted she join him, according to a Vanity Fair report published Monday.
  • Hicks reportedly had a lighthearted conversation with reporters aboard Air Force One and even jokingly took suggestions about her career prospects.
  • Hicks said she would consider becoming Trump’s chief of staff if the timing were right, according to the report.

While President Donald Trump’s appearance at a campaign rally in Lewis Center, Ohio, drew crowds Saturday, Hope Hicks was also at the center of attention after she was spotted travelling with Trump aboard Air Force One.

Hicks, who resigned as White House communications director in February, reportedly planned to spend her weekend at one of Trump’s golf courses in New Jersey with Trump’s daughter Ivanka and son-in-law, Jared Kushner, according to a Vanity Fair report published Monday.

But after Trump found out Hicks was in town, he asked her to join him at the Ohio rally, Vanity Fair’s Emily Jane Fox reported, citing unnamed sources.

Aboard Air Force One, Hicks reportedly talked off the record to reporters and even jokingly took suggestions about her career prospects.

Hicks also apparently said that if the timing were right, she would consider becoming Trump’s chief of staff. John Kelly is expected to stay in the role until 2020, with reports indicating he plans to step down after Trump’s first term.

“She’s just trying to live her life, and if everyone’s going to be following her every move anyway, why not do what she wants to do?” a person familiar with the situation told Vanity Fair. “The expectation that she would totally cut herself off from the family cold turkey is unrealistic.”

The publication cited an unnamed sourced familiar with Hicks’ thinking as saying Hicks was working through her transition from the high-flying role she held in the White House.

“If she’s going to be scrutinised anyway, she may as well enjoy herself,” the person said. “No job is going to be as good as what she came off of, so you have to find a way to slow down and come back to reality.”

“There’s opportunities for her in finance-related jobs,” the person added. “The biggest issue is finding a place where she feels comfortable. There aren’t that many places where she feels safe and secure.”

Veterans of the Trump administration have had a mixed success transitioning into private life. The former press secretary Sean Spicer, for example, experienced multiple hiccups and false starts after his departure from the White House in July 2017.

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