Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Working At Hooters

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Hooters built an empire by hiring young and attractive waitresses. But a former server told us there’s a lot people get wrong about the 450-restaurant chain. 

Brittany, 28, told us everything she knows about about working at Hooters. 

She addressed breast size requirements, what customers are like, and how she was taught to succeed. 

NOTE: We only used Brittany’s first name to protect her identity. 

Q: What was the interview like? Did you have to try on the uniform?

A: It was just like any other restaurant. You fill out an application and they talk to you, you wear what you want. I didn't have to try on the uniform or anything.

Q: Are there any requirements for bra size?

A: No, the funny thing is that I was about the smallest bra size you could be when I worked there. A lot of my coworkers were flat-chested as well. I never heard about any kind of standard and you didn't have to have a big chest to work there.

Q: Was everyone you worked with really attractive?

A: Yeah, in their own way. It's not like everyone was blonde and tan. Our clients all had different tastes and I would say that there was someone for everyone. We had all kinds of women, with different races and features.

Q: Is it true that Hooters helps pay for breast implants?

A: No, they never paid for that. Maybe if you got enough tips you could choose to use it toward that. But Hooters wouldn't sponsor it.

Q: How was working at Hooters different from other restaurants?

A: Hooters wanted you to get a lot more personal with customers. We were encouraged to sit down, talk to them, get to know them. You were supposed to build a personal relationship that I don't think is encouraged as much at other places.

Q: How were you supposed to treat customers?

A: Hooters calls it the 'hands-off approach.' We're supposed to always pour their beers, open every container make sure they don't have to do anything but eat. It's supposed to be as relaxing as possible.

Q: How many regulars did you have?

A: The vast majority of my customers were regulars. We had the same people coming in every night. Maybe it got busier on big game nights, but for the most part I knew everyone.

Q: What was the most common food order at Hooters?

A: Chicken wings by far.

Q: What beer did people order the most?

A: Budweiser or Bud Light were the most popular.

Q: Did customers ever ask you on dates?

A: Yeah, all the time. But I've worked at a lot of restaurants and it happens everywhere. Maybe slightly more at Hooters, but it's not unusual at other places.

Q: What do you look like?

A: I'm 5'10'', white, about 130 pounds. Sometimes my hair is blonde and sometimes it's brown.

Q: What was the culture like among the servers?

A: Like any place where you put girls together, there were a few disagreements. But for the most part, we were like a bunch of sisters, I think it was like a sorority. We all hung out outside of work.

Q: Did families ever come in?

A: Oh, yeah. We had families all the time. It's a very kid and family-friendly environment. Wives, girlfriends, kids, not all the customers are men.

Q: Did you get cold wearing your uniform in the winter?

A: Once you're inside, you're fine. But in the winter you'd just have to wear warm clothes to work and change once you got there. You wear the same uniform every day of the year: tank top, shorts, tights and socks.

Q: How would you describe your colleagues?

A: The girls I worked with were all very intelligent. They were going to school and just working at Hooters as a way to make ends meet.

Q: What is the biggest misconception about Hooters?

A: People act like working at Hooters is a stepping stone to becoming a stripper. That isn't true at all. No one there is using their bodies to make money, they're just servers in a restaurant. Like anyone, they're working toward a better life.

Q: Was the pay better than other restaurants?

A: No. Maybe slightly more, but nothing too significant. Your salary there is pretty comparable with other sit-down, chain restaurants.

Q: Are you happy you worked at Hooters?

A: Absolutely, it was one of the best times in my life. I got to make some great friends and gain some valuable experience in the restaurant industry. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

You've seen what it takes to succeed at Hooters...

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