Pay Attention To What Customers Care About And Care About It Too

A helping hand hr

is a $70 million T-shirt shop that prints custom T-shirts for family reunions and group and business events. Because actual people at CustomInk personally review every single order, they know what events their products are being printed for. The company saw so many shirts being created for charities that they decided to become personally invested in these causes.

So whenever a T-shirt gets printed by CustomInk for a charity event, the company also sends a donation. Initially, this started as a casual gesture by Lori Mayfield, a CustomInk order analyst. Now, Mayfield says, “We try to donate to every charity event that our customers hold close to their hearts.”

Giving Back to the Customer’s Cause

CustomInk wouldn’t feel right printing T-shirts for a charitable organisation without giving back to their cause. With this one gesture they let their customers know they back their efforts. What’s most important about this gesture is that CustomInk did not take this action as a marketing effort. It began as a personal expression by an order analyst who wanted to give back to companies that trusted CustomInk.

In the end, like many other noble decisions, doing something good¬†¬†returns to the sender. CustomInk’s genuine gesture to contribute to what their customers care about separates them from other T-shirt suppliers. It draws customers back to do business with a company that thinks this way.

Growing Business by Connecting With Customers

CustomInk has delivered over 15 million shirts, with 98.9 per cent of their customers saying they will purchase from the company again. Though their donation to charity customers is small in amount (as little as $30), this gesture connects the company personally with what their customers care about. And it shows customers that CustomInk’s service is not just about getting and filling orders.

With this gesture, CustomInk figuratively sticks their hand out of the shipping box and warmly embraces customers. And customers embrace CustomInk in return. Says one:

“I definitely was not expecting an email asking if CustomInk could give a donation to our organisation. This makes me proud to have picked this company to do our printing for us.”

And as you can see from the increase in CustomInk’s growth in donations, charities are rewarding CustomInk because they care. The per cent of CustomInk’s charitable donations is directly related to the growth rate they are experiencing in charities flocking to them.

How do you connect in that personal manner with your customers? What selfless acts tell your customers and employees about what matters to you on a personal level?

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