Hong Kong markets were shut down because of a typhoon

The HSBC building in Hong Kong. Photo: Isaac Lawrence / AFP / Getty Images

Hong Kong’s stock exchange (HKSE) was closed for morning trade as a severe typhoon hit the island.

Authorities yesterday raised the storm warning to its highest level for the first time in five years due to Typhoon Hato.

Flights to and from Hong Kong airport were cancelled and the city’s public transport was shut down, according to Bloomberg.

A short time ago, the storm landed with strong winds and heavy rain lashing the city.

If the strongest weather warning signal is still in place at midday Hong Kong time (2pm AEST), then equities trading will be scrapped for the day.

The Hang Seng index rose by 1.3% over the first two days of this week and closed yesterday at 27,401, just shy of its 2017 high.

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