A honeymoon planner for billionaires says he's built a private beach, booked first-class flights for birds, and sourced 16 types of condoms

Ditty_about_summer/ShutterstockOne groom paid $US80,000 to have a 210-foot yacht recarpeted so his bride could wear heels on board.

  • Billionaire honeymoons are out of this world – especially when it comes to their requests.
  • Writer Brandon Presser recently spent time with luxury travel consultancy Ovation Vacations, according to an article he wrote for Bloomberg, and it was an eye-opening peek at the whims of rich people.
  • Some of the wildest requests involve stocking a minibar with 16 different condoms and rebuilding a Caribbean beach in front of a couple’s villa after it was destroyed by a storm for $US50,000.

If you think planning the logistics for your honeymoon is a nightmare, then you need to spend some time with Ovation Vacations, a luxury travel consultancy for billionaires.

That’s exactly what writer Brandon Presser did for an article for Bloomberg, in which he gained firsthand experience in arranging honeymoons for rich people – for better or for worse.

As the mastermind behind honeymoon planning for the world’s richest people, Ovation Vacations charges a minimum of $US20,000 to plan a honeymoon, but it doesn’t take long for the bill to increase – especially when a private flight is involved, writes Pressler. On the average trip of 2.78 weeks, accommodation typically runs for $US1,950 a night, he says.

“We’ll do anything for our clients as long as it’s legal in the country they’re visiting,” Ovation Vacations president Jack Ezon told Presser.

Presser does the maths: With more than 200 honeymoons a year at an average of $US20,000 a trip, Ovation Vacations plans almost $US1 million worth of honeymoon travel every month.

But some trips alone exceed that – like a monthlong $US1.85 million yacht trip in the Indian Ocean and a $US1.62 million 45-day tour from Oceania to the Mediterranean for a royal couple.

Hotel room Shutterstock/OllyyThey have flown in food from other countries to please their clients.

But planning such luxurious honeymoons also means earning generous tips. Ezon told Presser that such tips have come in the form of $US100,000 checks and Hermès cuffs, to name a few.

If there’s one thing Presser learned during his brief experiences arranging a meeting with the pope for a client and coordinating an international flight for a sheikh’s bird, it’s that billionaires have some one-of-a-kind requests for post-nuptial perfection – requests that involve jumping through a lot of hoops to meet.

Ezon and the Ovation Vacations team shared countless stories with Presser – here are some of the wildest requests they have made happen:

  • Stocking a minibar with 16 different types of condoms for a new husband
  • Remodeling a hotel bathroom’s granite sink by raising it by seven inches for $US40,000, so a TV actress wouldn’t have to bend over to wash her face during a five-night stay
  • Rebuilding a Caribbean beach in front of a couple’s villa after it was destroyed by a storm for $US50,000
  • Hiring German clinicians to supply intravenous vitamin B-12 solutions for Champagne hangovers at the cost of $US2,250 a day
  • Booking $US21,055 first-class suites on transatlantic Emirates and Etihad flights for falcons (the birds)
  • Arranging a meet-and-greet with Vladimir Putin

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