Honda's Hybrid Is Getting Flattened By The Prius

honda insight tbi

Honda’s Prius-clone, the Insight, is getting absolutely flattened by the Prius, reports:

Nationwide, Americans bought 2,079 Insights in June, bringing total sales of the streamlined hatchback since March to 7,524. At that rate, Honda will sell less than a third of its goal of 90,000 in the first 12 months.

By comparison, the higher-priced Prius was snapped up by 12,998 drivers last month. Since March, Toyota has sold 40,398 of the gas sippers.

Not exactly what Honda was looking for. But there’s room for hope. Now that “cash for clunkers” is cooked, maybe the second (inevitable) iteration of the program will actually be good for the environment. There’s already talk that the next program should have tougher mpg standards.

If that happens, then maybe Honda will be able to drum up some more sales its hybrid. Of course, with all the negative reviews the car’s received, it might not matter.

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