Honda Unveils Incredibly Awkward Looking "Personal Mobility" Device

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Hey lazy bones, today’s a big day for you. Honda is showing off a personal mobility device, the U3-X. If the company makes these things, you’ll never have to walk again! Oh happy day!

Weighing just 22 pounds, the U3-X, stands up on its own and nestles under your fanny to scoot you from spot to spot with out having to worry about wearing out your precious leg muscles. It’s small enough, and safe enough to move around with pedestrians, says Honda.

It’s powered by a lithium ion battery and moves at 3.7 miles per hour. It only runs for an hour on a full charge. You sit on it like a stool. To move, you lean your body weight the direction you want to go. Sounds easy enough. Most people are incredibly athletic, and agile, with a great sense of balance.

It’s just a prototype. Honda hasn’t decided if it will make these, or how much they might cost. According to the AP, Honda President Takanobu Ito says “I may want to use it in my home…It’d be easier to get around so I might really use it if my legs grow weaker.”

All snark aside, this thing looks amazingly cool in that goofy sort of a way. We wouldn’t ever buy one, but we’d love for a friend to have one. Imagine going to a football party and sitting on this instead of the couch? Need a beer? We’ll just tilt towards the fridge and boom! We’re on our way.

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